3 or 4 Deck Solitaire Games

For those who like the extra challenge of playing with a large number of cards, 3 or 4 Deck Solitaire games are just the ticket. Making a good move when there are so many cards and positions to consider at once is usually reserved for hardcore solitaire players only!

3 or 4 Deck Solitaire Game Variations

There are several different variations of 3 or 4 Deck Solitaire. If you have mastered the standard game variants already, we have information about 3 additional variations on the regular games that will give you extra variety and levels of challenge. You can obtain more information about a particular variation by clicking on its name below.

Three Up
Triple Demons

Download and Play 3 or 4 Deck Solitaire Games For Free

The following downloadable games all feature versions of 3 or 4 Deck Solitaire card games.

Pretty Good Solitaire
Pretty Good Solitaire

A huge collection of 610 classic and original solitare card games.
Highly recommended!

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