Hearts is a really popular multi-player card game. It requires four players at all times as the deck is divided evenly so that each player is each given 13 cards.

Once the cards have been dealt out they are then sorted into suits and arranged from lowest to highest card. Once your cards are sorted you then have three cards that you must choose to give to another player.

The aim of the game is to accumulate the least points when you win a round.

Rules for playing Hearts

All the Hearts are worth one point each, and the Queen of spades is worth 13. Therefore the best cards to give away are the ones that will cost you points if you can not play them properly.

Every round begins with the person who won the last round or for the first game it is started by the player holding the two of clubs. The next player will place a card either higher or lower than the initial card depending on whether they think a heart of the queen of spades will be played. Once you run out of a particular suit you are able to put any card of your choice on that round.

For example if someone plays 4 of Diamonds, the next player places the 10 of Diamonds then the next placer places the Queen of Spades, you will have to play something lower that a 10 of Diamonds in order not to win that round (or lose depending on how you look at it!).

Alternatively if you have not got any Diamonds then you can get rid of some of your hearts or some of the picture cards in other suites. Whilst these picture cards are not worth any points they can actually get you points by default. For example if you are playing the round that I have just described and the only Diamond you hold in your hand is a King then you will win the round, so it is always good to get rid of them earlier on.

Winning at Hearts

Once the last card from each player has been played, the cards are tallied up and everyone is put in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place and the next round begins. When the first person gets to 100 then the game is finished and the player with the least points is the winner!

Hearts is a great card game and can be lots of fun as well as involving good strategy. If you are looking for a game that challenges you and makes you think about what the other players have in their hand, then Hearts is for you!

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