Video Poker Games

You can find them everywhere - from the infamous glittering casinos on the Las Vegas strip to the corners of pubs, bars and amusement centres all over the world - Video Poker is the staple diet in gambling games for hopefuls everywhere.

Video poker machines can be considered the fast-food of gambling games - quick, inexpensive (for the casual player!), and you can find one virtually anywhere. Video poker games are captivating in their ease of play and potential for a fast payout to a skilful player.

How to play Video Poker games

Video poker games feature the familiarity of conventional five card poker rules but without the need for multiple players or the rounds and bluffing that goes with it. As with conventional poker games, when playing video poker the objective is always to get the best hand possible.

A typical video poker game is played as follows:

  1. Decide on the number of coins or credits to bet.
  2. Five cards are then dealt face up from a shuffled deck of cards.
  3. Choose which cards you wish to hold that are most likely going to give you the best hand.
  4. The non-held cards are then discarded and replaced by new cards from the deck.
  5. This final hand is then evaluated and used to determine the payout.

The final hand in a game of video poker is scored using the same basic rules as conventional poker, such as flushes, straights, three-of-a-kind etc, with higher payouts awarded to less probable hands. In addition, many video poker variations feature special hands that attract an extra payout or feature modified rules such as the inclusion of wild cards.

How to win at video poker games

Video poker can be one of the best games to play in the casino as every different video poker game features its own payout ratios. Take the time to study the payout ratios for a game before you play it as, unlike most other casino games, some video poker machines actually reward over 100% payout ratio for perfect play!

The great thing about video poker is that each game is played from a freshly shuffled deck of 52 cards (sometimes 53 or 54 cards in certain variations). This means that you do not need to keep track of what cards have been dealt over time and it is possible to calculate the probability of a payout from each hand individually.

The best way to learn to win at video poker is simply to get a lot of practice. Obviously practicing on actual machines in the casino is going to be expensive, but the great thing about video poker is that you can practice playing exactly the same game on your computer for free.

A great game for learning and refining your video poker skills is BVS Video Poker. While it does not necessarily have the best graphics or sound, this game is unique in that it has been specifically designed to assist with improving your video poker skills. It has the ability to analyse and display the probabilities for each hand and will recommend exactly which cards to hold or discard. It will even warn you if you are about to play a sub-optimal hand.

Video Poker Game Variations

There are many different variations of Video Poker. If you have mastered the standard game variants already, we have information about 41 additional variations on the regular games that will give you extra variety and levels of challenge. You can obtain more information about a particular variation by clicking on its name below.

Aces and Eights
Aces and Jacks
All American Poker
Bonus Deuces
Bonus Poker
Bonus Poker Deluxe
Classic Deuces
Deuces Deluxe
Deuces Joker
Double Bonus Jackpot
Double Bonus Plus Poker
Double Bonus Poker
Double Deuces
Double Double Bonus Poker
Double Double Jackpot
Double Joker Poker 8/5
Double Joker Poker 9/5
Five Joker Poker
Four Joker Poker
Jacks or Better 8/5
Jacks or Better 9/5
Joker Wild - Kings or Better
Joker Wild - Two Aces and Better
Joker Wild - Two Pairs and Better
Kings or Better
Loose Deuces 15/8
Loose Deuces 17/10
Lucky Streak
Nevada Bonus Poker
Odyssey Deuces
Poker Solitaire
Power House Poker
Sam's Town Bonus Deuces
Seven Wild Poker
Super Aces 7/5
Super Aces 8/5
Tens or Better
Triple Double Bonus 9/6
Triple Double Bonus 9/7
Triple Pay

Download and Play Video Poker Games For Free

The following downloadable games all feature versions of Video Poker card games.

BVS Video Poker
BVS Video Poker

Learn how to win at 38 different types of Video Poker.

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Free Download
Five Card Deluxe
Five Card Deluxe

Solitaire and poker together again!

Read Review
Free Download
Lucky Streak Poker
Lucky Streak Poker

Video poker with lucky streaks!

Read Review
Free Download
5 Card Slingo Deluxe
5 Card Slingo Deluxe

Combines the fast paced fun of Slingo with poker.

Read Review
Free Download
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