Freecell 3D
Freecell 3D
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System Requirements
Processor: Pentium II 233 MHz
Memory: 64 MB
Disk: 8 MB
Operating System:
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP

Welcome to the future of computer card games! Freecell 3D solitaire uses the latest advances in computer graphics to give you maximum realism and enjoyment. Experience features never before seen in Freecell such as a fully-animated solver and an exciting "Race-Mode" where you play against the computer. Take a look at the screenshots below and then read on to discover why Freecell 3D is the most impressive solitaire game available.

Unlike all other card games, Freecell 3D features realistic card graphics on a 3D table that can be rotated and viewed from any angle and scaled smoothly to any screen size. Subtle table lighting effects enhance the atmosphere and add an extra sense of depth.

Cards can be moved either by dragging or point-and-click. Mistakes can be undone - in fact you can undo/redo to any move right up to the start of the game, even in saved games. A history window lists all the moves that have been performed during the game, allowing you to jump straight to any of the previous positions. If you get stuck, Freecell 3D includes a fully-animated solver to get you out of those tricky situations. At any point you can check if a game is solvable from the current position or just let it play by itself.

One extra challenging feature of Freecell 3D is the Race Mode where you compete against the computer. In this mode the screen splits to feature two 3D views where you can watch the computer make its moves while you play yours. With 20 levels of increasing difficulty you would have to be very skilled to complete them all!

In addition there are several enhanced features that make Freecell 3D more enjoyable to play than the standard Windows FreeCell game. For example, games can be saved at any time (with a thumbnail screenshot for each saved game) and there's also a useful Auto-Save option. The extensive online help system is context-sensitive throughout the game and includes an illustrated tutorial to help you get started.

One thing that stands out as particularly impressive (other than the amazing 3D graphics) is the quality of the audio. Freecell 3D features real card sounds have been captured in stereo and sampled several times to produce rich and varied audio. The sound of cards being dealt, picked up and flipped over are simply the most realistic sounds in any card game to date.

  • Check if the game is solvable from the current position
  • Computer will suggest any number of moves
  • Custom table view positioning from any angle
  • Detailed 3D rendered graphics (DX7) using real-time light-mapping
  • Detailed on-line help and tutorial
  • Fully animated card moves with user-defined move height
  • Fully animated solver - sit back and watch
  • Load and Save games with AutoSave on exit
  • Multi-sampled stereo sound effects
  • New Card Tables and Decks can be added with three levels of card detail
  • Race Mode - play against the computer with 20 levels of difficulty
  • Spot-light or ambient light with variable brightness
  • Totally scalable graphics - works in any window size
  • Two-billion different deals
  • Undo, redo, and goto
  • Variable level of Card Tidiness!
Freecell 3D Freecell 3D Freecell 3D
Freecell 3D

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