Why are these games free?

All of the games on this site are totally free to download and try with no obligation whatsoever. This enables you to evaluate a game entirely risk-free, to determine if it is something that you really enjoy playing.

Normally, free downloadable games are identical to the fully registered version, except that they may have a time limit on how long you can play it. By registering a game for a nominal fee (typically less than US$20) you will given a key to unlock the game and continue playing it for as long as you wish.

To write games and give them away like this takes a lot of time and passion on behalf of the developer. If you find a game that you particularly enjoy playing, please do whatever you can to register the game.

Not only will you get unlimited play time, extra features and a warm happy feeling inside, it will encourage the author to keep on writing games for you to enjoy well into the future!